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Please join She’s My Sister for a special High Tea at the St. Regis in New York City to honor our sisters in Great Lakes Africa. Click here for details.
Bringing Trauma Healing to Great Lakes Africa
Trauma care makes relief & development work more effective. Find out why.
What is your part?
Do you know what God says about justice? Take a Journey into the Bible and discover what God will say to you.

About She's My Sister

She’s My Sister™ is a program from the Restoration Ministry Unit at American Bible Society. We serve Great Lakes Africa using the Bible-based trauma healing model of the Trauma Healing InstituteLearn more »

Featured Article

A Widows’ Revival in Dungu

In northern DRC, post-LRA trauma healing programs have sparked a revival, with twelve new churches begun.

What is it?

She’s My Sister brings Bible-based trauma healing to victims of war and violence in the Great Lakes region of Africa. By equipping local churches with practical resources and training in trauma healing, this program of American Bible Society helps children, women and men find hope and new life after experiencing injustice.

Why should I care?

In Isaiah 1:17, God tells his people, “See that justice is done—help those who are oppressed, give orphans their rights, and defend widows.” Why does God say that? Because justice is part of God’s character. And he calls us to work for justice in the world around us.


Downloadable PDFs

He Has Sent Me Journey
Sector Report on Trauma and Scripture Engagement
She's My Sister Overview Brochure
Scripture-Based Trauma Healing: A Missing Piece of Relief and Development
She’s My Sister Resource List

Quick Links

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“War’s overlooked victims: Rape is horrifyingly widespread in conflicts all around the world.” The Economist, January 13, 2011.
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“On the Ground” the human rights blog of Nicholas D. Kristof at the New York Times

Get Involved

You can help restore hope for your sisters by completing these steps.


Give to the cause of trauma healing in the Great Lakes region of Africa.


Learn about the Bible's call for justice and healing. Share it with your church, small group, community and school


Mobilize others to join in supporting trauma healing by cycling in the Sister Tour, holding a bake sale, organizing a 5K, or attending the High Tea event.