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Downloadable PDFs

Ministry Update, Summer 2014

'The church in Africa has embraced trauma healing'

Ministry Update, Spring 2014
Photo collection: Faces of Healing from Great Lakes Africa
2010–13 Full Program Impact Report

This report details work in Great Lakes Africa from 2010 through mid-2013.

AdvoKit Leader's Guide

This Leader's Guide helps advocates start an Advocacy Group or Sister Circle group.

‘He Has Sent Me’ Scripture Journey / Devotional

Our “He Has Sent Me” Scripture journey as a downloadable PDF. Encounter God's heart for justice and mercy.

Sector Report on Trauma and Scripture Engagement

More than one in seven people worldwide is affected by trauma. This 48-page Sector Report on “Global Trauma and Scripture Engagement” from the research experts at Global Scripture Impact explains what that statement means.

Advokit Insert

Four Steps Toward Restoration: Learn. Pray. Give. Speak.

She’s My Sister Resource List

A two-page PDF with a list of resources to learn more about trauma and your sisters in Great Lakes Africa. You can also find the list online here.

She's My Sister Overview Brochure

A quick overview of She's My Sister and our work to restore hope and beauty to women in Great Lakes Africa.

Scripture-Based Trauma Healing: A Missing Piece of Relief and Development

A four page PDF explaining our program goals and approach.

Talk Transcripts

Women’s Rights in East and Central Africa

Rona Peligal of the Africa division of Human Rights Watch talks about “Women’s Rights in East and Central Africa” in a talk for a She’s My Sister working group (May 2011). This talk includes an overview of the problems in DR Congo and discussion of what people in the West can do.

Trauma as a Place of Service

Dr. Diane Langberg, co-chair of the Trauma Healing Advisory Council for She's My Sister, discusses “Trauma as a Place of Service” at the National Church Leadership Summit (May 2011). This talk includes a discussion of trauma worldwide and was given alongside the presentation by John Walter above.

Five Movement Principles

John Walter uses She’s My Sister to illustrate “Five Movement Principles,” a framework for bringing the kingdom of God to bear on situations and places right here and right now. From the National Church Leadership Summit in New York (May 2011). 

Not the Talk On Africa You’re Expecting

John Walter introduces She’s My Sister on Capitol Hill (April 2011). “Not the Talk On Africa You’re Expecting” includes three messages we have heard from our sisters and brothers in Africa. “Over there” is not that far from “right here.” 

Quick Links

War’s overlooked victims

“War’s overlooked victims: Rape is horrifyingly widespread in conflicts all around the world.” The Economist, January 13, 2011.

On the Ground

“On the Ground” the human rights blog of Nicholas D. Kristof at the New York Times

Speakers Bureau and Advocate Files

This link is a directory with the latest versions of PDFs and PowerPoint presentations for you to use when making presentations about She's My Sister.

Meeting Congo’s sex crime victims

Anna Husarska. “Meeting Congo’s sex crime victims.” The Guardian, March 27, 2008.

The Poverty and Justice Bible (CEV)

American Bible Society and World Vision, 2009. Highlights the more than 2000 verses focusing on God’s heart for justice and concern for the poor.